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So I’ve been thinking.

April 21, 2011

You may have noticed that the posts are slowly fading out over here. After starting my new job things have been a bit hectic. This here enforced sabbatical has been much needed and it pushed what’s been on the back of my mind to the fore: What do I really want from my blog?

Relax people - I think we'll be okay (Roadsign)


When I started it was just a practice run, and I’ve really enjoyed it, but I need to start focusing this thing a bit more and I’m FINALLYgetting a clearer picture of what it is that I want. I’m going to the bushveld (oooh!) for a week – I leave in a few days – and while I’m there I’m planning on straightening myself out on the blogging front. This will be done without any internet access or phone signal. I might call it:

The Irony of Silence

Nice ring to it, eh? I’ll keep you posted on the results.  (Haha – posted, get it? … Indulge my inner-dork.)

What I’ve been doing while neglecting you:

– Cooking dinner for friends.

– The Knead breakfast special: Between 7-8am every morning you can grab brekkie for R15 at Knead (Wembley Square). The brioche french toast is worth the early morning!

– Saturday afternoon shopping trips. I went with a friend I’d never gone shopping with before and it was a good giggle.

– Celebrating my sister’s 21st with a Mexican feast!

– Celebrating the end of my friends’ exams. At a dodgy bar. And then again over a not-so-dodgy dinner. (They’re med-students so it’s a big deal, double celebrations were in order.)

– Learning Spanish.

– Taco night!

– Getting to know my new colleagues over some beverages…

– Getting used to doing my own laundry again for the first time in nearly 2 years. Who, me? Spoilt?

– Not going to gym enough! Blogging wasn’t the only thing that suffered…

And generally settling into new routines and work-vibes. (It’s going really well!)

To wrap up: IT’S CHOCOLATE SEASON. Get involved.


Sometimes even your best defences don’t work.

April 12, 2011

I wrote those wise words on a post-it (or apparently we’re supposed to call them sticky notes now?) a while ago. It was an epiphany born in a moment of brilliance and meant for a blog article.

That’s it.  I can’t remember what the post was supposed to be about, but take those words to heart kids.

They were important enough for me to save the post-it for more than two months.

The Speaker of Truth and Wisdom has spoken.

Things I love (and the Awkward!)

April 7, 2011

Universal wrapping paper - With love

This wrapping paper

– My new job!

– My new house! (It’s a temporary abode only, but still.)

– The Monday half-price pizza special at Rafikis (which is now conveniently located pretty much on my doorstep). Best. Deal. EVER.

– Wembley Virgin Active – the consultants are like, best friends y’all. Jokes. But seriously; Candace, Cassie and Ayanda make those 20mins on the stepper that much easier!

– Making the most of the last days of summer! Went to the last Kirstenbosch Summer Concert (aKing – they rocked the socks off me) and had a dinner-in-the garden at the house my Rockstar friend is housesitting. It’s bee-yoo-tiful… Sigh.

– Looking forward to a holiday! Only 16 more days!  Details will be disclosed in due course. Ahem.

– Learning Spanish. I never have time to practice so I pretty much suck, but it’s still fun.

– Getting the table with the swings at Bombay Bicycle.

– Being able to pop home for a cup of tea after work before going out for the evening. No more N1 traffic for me folks.

– Sunday morning breakfast and a walk on the promenade with my sister.

– Having ordered my perfume! I became addicted to Abercrombie‘s no. 8 during my stint in New York and so, for the past few years, I’ve been badgering anyone who goes there to get me another bottle. I should get it in June… Call it premature excitement.

Awkward moment of the week

Forgetting to pack my make-up bag to gym this morning, meaning having to walk around without mascara the entire day. My eye lashes are blonde and when I don’t wear mascara a a) look like I’ve been crying and b) you struggle to find my eyes on my face, they look so tiny and pale.  This, of course, would be the moment for:

Colleague: Come on, we need you to come and do a cameo in a company video!

Me: … … Fuck Murphy and his law…

Playing catch-up

April 6, 2011

I don’t really want to blog about the new job/living situations just quite yet (feels like I still need to wrap my head around it), but the one thing I have realised is that starting work an hour earlier is really cutting back on my morning web time. I used to start my day with a good 20-30 minutes with a cup of green tea, some of the morning’s news updates, a few inspirational blog posts and a daily horoscope or two. (Yes, the latter is my secret indulgence and mercury retrograde was totally to blame for my PC crash last week. Completely.)

I’ve decided to do a mini catch-up session tonight – the benefits of doing it after 10am is that I get to have a cookie with my tea. A ginger one. Found these share-ables along the way:

Someday I'll wish upon a star - Quote
Cute hey? Found here.

Who loves Pesto Princess?! The story behind the pesto fairy.

This is hysterical! Someone sent it around the office today and I was the crazy giggling girl in the corner. Received a few odd stares, oh well!

PS. The good news is that they’ve asked me to temporarily manage the company blog as I used to run my previous company’s US and South African blogs. So at least I’m still doing something blog-related on a daily basis. This makes me happy.

Sleepy Sunday

April 3, 2011
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If you’ve been following my tweets you’ll know I started a new job on Friday. It’s been intense – new job, new house (temporarily, only staying here for 3 or 4 months). Amidst everything else sleep has been lacking, and even on the evenings I have time to get in those 8 hours I’m too excited and worked up to do anything other than toss around! Green tea helps. (As do warm baths.)


Found via.

Anyway, the first day was both nerve-wrecking and exciting, as new jobs are; and of course most of last week was spent contemplating endings and beginnings. Interestin’ stuff, that. I have no epiphany’s worth sharing yet, other than the fact that we all seem to have patterns we insist on repeating. I suppose the idea is that every time you get a do-over you also have a chance to improve on how you did it the last time. Inevitably this leads to “growth”.

Can you tell that I’m sleep deprived on a Sunday evening and not being very articulate? Let’s call it a night and hopefully I’ll have something more fun to share tomorrow…

Much sleepy love all, here’s hoping it’s only the brightest-of-blue Mondays!

Jumping in the deep end – an apology

March 30, 2011
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I’ve been a bad blogger. And the reason looks something like this:

Stick figure in peril

I’m starting a new job in two days.

I’m also moving in two days.

So whilst wrapping up everything at my current job my PC crashed on Monday. But that was okay because they said they’d be able to recover the documents. Then they said they couldn’t. Then they said they could again and I could have my PC back. But it didn’t work, so then I got a new one, but then they managed to fix the old one, which then went bust… AaaaaaND you get the picture. Blogging has not been a priority this week!  I’ll be back in full blast soon kids.

Promise.  xx

There I was, so busy apologising that I forgot to credit the image. And then I closed the tab so now I have no idea where I found it. Feckit. Sorry again!

I’m a nerd

March 25, 2011
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And I’ll only say that ’cause it’s FRIDAY!!!

The yayness is real.

This made me giggle. Found here.

I eat glitter for breakfast, lunch & tea

This made me smile. Sent to me by a friend – because it’s Friday!

Now here’s the real reason I’m a nerd: I created a blog email addy ages ago but haven’t actually used it because I’m a Gmail snob. And this is a Yahoo addy. And really I should just a) get over myself or b) set up a Gmail addy. I chose a) because it’s easier, but mostly because the new Yahoo! Mail Beta is actually kind of cool. Bet you didn’t know this but in, real life, I’m actually an email nerd.

SO if you ever want to email me or get in touch about anything you can pop me a note at

Enjoy the weekend kids!