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I’ve adopted keleusmatically

November 3, 2010

In an attempt to save the English language (and probably save ourselves from our text-abbreviating literary standards) the Oxford English Dictionary is attempting to re-instate forgotten words into our vocabulary.  Making ol’ Wills proud, his heart is pumping custard as I type.Ol' Wills - William Shakespeare

Of course this would have been SUCH a handy site to have around when I was still writing varsity essays, but hey.  I signed up for the word a day email – watch me take up scrabble.

Note: A fruit seller is an “oporopolist”.  Who knew?

“Naartjies! Pawpaws! Nei, man, ek’s ‘n trained oporopolist!”

And now, I will keleusmatically suggest that you check it out too.

Save the Words(If sounding all intellectual and articulate isn’t really your thing, it’s worth checking out just for the design!)

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