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Moments of the week

November 15, 2010

Food & Wine – Of course, the best start to any week is dinner with friends and a solid supply of wine. When the wine is sponsored, so much the better!

Being artsy  – Went to the opening of the Swimming Upstream photography exhibition at the Grand Daddy on Longstreet. Love sipping a glass of champers, pretending to be oh-so-cool and soaking up the vibe at artsy events… 🙂 Swimming upstream showcases Kathalijne Van Zutphen’s photography – my pics wouldn’t do it justice, check out her work here.

Photo from the Swimming Upstream exhibition

Being a bit nerdy – Bought a book, a NEW one! (I’m a second-hand bookstore fanatic, so this was quite the occasion.)

Being a lady who lunches – Lunched at Bread, Milk & Honey.

Pretty city – Hung out in the Company Gardens with a friend saying goodbye to a sunny day – summer’s here people!

Booty calls – Received a hilarious 2:12am Dutch booty call.  (And no, I didn’t go – the only reason I answered was because I was too asleep to realise my phone had a call-reject button.  That and I didn’t know who was calling me – curiousity won out.

Moving mountains Climbed Lion’s Head for the first time – before breakfast, imagine!

Lion's Head at sunrise

DISNEY (need I say more?) – Had a Disney cheese-and-wine evening – just the girls and the gays.  Might be a controversial choice, but Mulan really is a strong contender for the funniest Disney EVER!

Being scandalous – Went to my cousin’s bachelorette’s. ‘Nuff said.

Being tough – Got up at 5am on a Sunday and walked 20km for charity. Bear in mind aforementioned bachelorette’s – I even impressed myself with that one.  The blisters underneath my feet and racerback vest tan? Not so much fun.

Gatecrashing life on the other side – Gatecrashed a shmancy hotel* and lay around poolside on white towels, sipping cocktails, checking out the eye candy and pretending to be the little rich girls we’re not.  A girl needs to revel in the lap of luxury after walking 20km though – and who says no to cocktail hour on a 30-degree Sunday?! Not me.

*Location details can’t be divulged as I plan on doing it again.

Bad blogger – didn’t get any pics of most of this.  Must-have for this week: Camera.

Image here.

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  1. November 19, 2010 11:12 AM

    what a cool blog! and thanks for coming to the Swimming Upstream exhibition opening. Hope you enjoyed it! xkathalijne

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