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‘s got bite

November 18, 2010

What with living with the rentals and being served lunch at work I can barely remember the last time I’ve had to cook anything!

So, when a dear boy’s birthday was looming, and I had some spare time on Tuesday evening, I made CHILLI CHOCOLATE VODKA CUPCAKES!  Hmmmmmmmm…..

Preparing to bake Chilli-Chocolate-Vodka cupcakes

Waiting for the oven timer

Check out my apron!  In all honesty, a large part of why I wanted to flex my baking muscles was because a lurvely, lurvely lady gave me this super-cute blue apron with the white polka dots and, not having cooked in weeks, I hadn’t had a chance to wear it yet!
I was so excited by the apron that I may have forgotten an essential ingredient… ‘s okay, don’t think anyone noticed!

Had the funniest twitter conversation with myself whilst baking too – one day I’ll put up a twitter follow button so you can listen in.  Was cracking myself up.  Nutter.

Chilli Chocolate Vodka Cupcakes

Vodka in cake. Chocolate and Chilli.  Chocolate. Chilli and vodka.  Vodka and chocolate.  Works in all combinations…

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