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A slightly schizophrenic post.

December 13, 2010

So I started today off fantastically, feeling all on top of the world ‘n stuff – and then it all kinda crumbled a little bit.  Basically, I had a mole cut out recently and I was all excited to get the stitches out soon and be able to go back to gym this morning and just generally feeling like I was kicking Monday’s arse.  And then my doctor called.  Turns out the darn thing was malignant and I’m fine (because obviously it’s cut out now), but they want me to go back in in January to cut out further around the area just to double check.  Which SUCKS ’cause it means when I’m gearing up to take 2011 with a friggin’ BANG I’m going to be stuck with stitches and scars and having to take time off work all over again.  Sigh.  (Never mind the fact that I’m not allowed to tan anymore – I get really bad varicose veins so tanned legs are a must-have for me in summer.)  Double sigh.

Anyway, on to happier things…  Weekends. Yes, weekends hold happier thoughts.  So here’s what I got up to:

Cuba Gallery: Summer / white flowers / blue background / nature / color / macro / butterfly

Via here.

Lazed, chatted and lost track of time over a bottle of wine with a friend on Friday evening. He’s moving away, so a goodbye-evening was needed.
Had brunch/lunch in Stellenbosch at De Oude Bank Bakkerij – one day I’m going to remember to take my camera with me when I go there and do a proper lunchtime spot post on that place! It’s perfect for lazy lunches.
Went to my cousin’s wedding. More wedding thoughts to follow…
Chilled by the pool.
Attempted a spot of Christmas shopping with a friend, which ended very quickly due to a low shopping tolerance over the festive season. It’s just too stressful! Besides, when I realised that Musica is apparently pretty much sold out of the CD I want to buy my dad all over the Western Cape I just knew things were going badly. We had coffee in the sun at Vida instead. (Why did no one tell me that Vida now does red velvet cupcakes?!)

All in all, amazingly chilled after last week. What did you get up to?

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  1. December 13, 2010 3:10 PM

    Ok, I’m going to need to buy a red velvet cupcake very soon! Sad to hear bout your ordeal, but it sounds like you at least had a very lovely weekend.

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