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Where I get to have a wishlist too.

December 20, 2010

Sorry for the break in postage peeps! Cape Town tends to slow down tremendously as soon as you get about a week into December and (even though I’m technically not on leave until the 23rd) I took a long weekend and… well… as I stare at a computer screen for work all day I just didn’t quite feel up to posting during my off time.

Anyhoo, I returned to the interwebs this morning only to find that pretty much ALL my favourite bloggers have post Christmas wishlists, which immediately reminded me that I’ve been so stressed about buying gifts for the fam that I haven’t really given much thought to what might be waiting under the tree for me…

Christmas goodies

So, if any elves/fairies/family members are listening – for Christmas, I would like:

Jewellry! My repertoire of accessories has been sadly lacking these days.  Genevieve Motley seems to have some nice stuff – as does Natasha Wood.  Any other recommendations?  (I’m thinking a ring…)

For someone else to pay my medical bills.  Seriously.

Just a really, really good holiday…

Books, books and more books.  But good ones!  I don’t care what they’re about – whether it’s fiction, fluff, or psychology I just want to spend a year curled up with a good book.

A new laptop! I fear my trusty old box won’t survive another year…  (It’s lasted aMAzingly well!)  I’m kind of between a Macbook Pro and a cute lil’ notebook I can just pop into my bag where ever I go.  Not that I can afford either right now.  At this point I’ll settle for a kick-ass external hard drive.  Or an iPad.  I’m easy.

A black leather handbag.  I’ve been in need of one for ages and just can’t seem to find a goodie.  If I could get the cash together I wouldn’t mind a genuine leather one, but right now I’d just like anything that doesn’t look like a mom bag!  And as per usual, I found the one I love (see pic above) at Urban Outfitters.  (Why is it that we don’t have one of those yet?)  Ii’m a sucker for anything that can be worn in more ways than one, so this convertible bag would have been perfect.  Again, recommendations?

That’s pretty much all I can think of right now.  Why is it that, all year round I rack up a list of a gazillion things I’d like for Christmas, but when it comes too it I can’t really think of much?

Update: YES. I also want a copy of Galadarling’s Love & Sequins. Totally.

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  1. December 20, 2010 2:25 PM

    hello there

    accesorize products: I have had the exact same issue, i reckon it has something to do with your purfume and your skins natural acids…. i always expect my little fake gold things to fade.


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