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A Tuesday tip – because sharing is caring

January 11, 2011

I found this awesome tip yesterday and thought other people should know about it too.  People like my friend who dropped her phone in the loo Colette as she bended over to flush.

(Disclaimer: Did I mention that sometimes my inner-dork comes out to play? The enthusiasm of this post attests.)

I also had a friend who insisted on sticking to her by-now-archaic Nokia 3310 because she believed it was waterproof.  Every morning her alarm would sound, and (not being much of a morning person) she would growl, roll over, eyes still squeezed shut, lift her phone of the bedside table, push the button and drop the phone.  Often straight into the mug of tea her fiancee left a mug of tea at her bedside every morning.

While can’t remember ever really having had any water-logged techno problems of my own, I thought this trick of Veronika’s (Tick Tock Vintage) is sure to come in handy some day!
Apparently, all you need to do is place the water damaged electronic device in a bowl of uncooked rice.  Rice is super absorbent and will soak up all the water – nifty.

Googled it and it’s fully legit!

(There was also the incident one new years’ when one of my friends was drunkenly pushed into the pool – with her phone still in her pocket.  We rescued it by drying it over the fire on the braai… Probably not the best method, but hey, whatever works!)


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