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Weekend resolutions

January 21, 2011

Let’s have a moment for soaking up that Friday vibe… Love how it doesn’t matter how crap the week’s been, everything just seems so much more bearable on a Friday! If nothing else you at least have 48 hours of de-stressing to look forward too.

Candace Meyer photography

The photo above is by Candace Meyer – check out her site. She seems to do a lot of editorials but there’s some really beautiful pics on there!

So, I’ve decided to make a list of lovely, de-stressing, relaxing, self-loving things to do this weekend and check in on Monday to see if I managed to do all of them.  It’s kind of like new years’ resolutions for the weekend – I’m hoping that’s more successful than actual new year’s resolutions

1 – Crack open a lovely bottle of wine and have a few laughs with friends.  (This one’s not going to be difficult!)

2 – Give my feet some lovin’ and paint my nails.

3 – Have a bubble bath.  I seriously can’t remember the last time I did!

4 – Finish my book – I’m reading a Phillipa Gregory at the moment. Girly, but it’s about Katherine of Aragon and the first part was set in the Alhambra, which is definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  Sunny memories!

5 – Have a nap.  It’s needed.

6 – Watch a DVD of one of the movies on the endless list of films I’ve missed.

7 – Sun it up a bit.

8 – Update my iPod (this one has been on the list FOREVER and I’m starting to think it’ll never happen…)

9 – Sort out my Twitter profile so I can finally get it up here – I’ll need my sister’s help on that one. Fingers crossed.

10 – Pack my gym bag for monday morning’s workout!!! YES – as of Monday I’m finally allowed to exercise again! I’m so excited! Watch the enthusiasm wane away after all of about two workouts, but WHATEVER. Right now it’s making me happy!

Let’s see how I did on Monday!

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