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Wine tasting in my valley

January 23, 2011

I live on the edge of the Durbanville wine route.

What? I hear blog readers everywhere gasp. Yep folks, Durbanville has a wine route. A pretty damn good one too.  FACT: It’s worldfamous as a Sauvignon Blanc region, and almost every cellar on the route win prizes for their sauvignon blancs every year.

Somehow, despite having lived here for 23 years, cutting across the Altydgedacht vinyard on my morning run and having been born offering my soul to a good glass of sauvignon, I’d never actually gone wine tasting on this route until last year.

Green pond - D'Aria Wine Estate

A very green but pretty pond at D’Aria’s tasting room.

Anyhoo, I had a friend down from Bloem last weekend (I know, he’s moved there against his will but tells me it’s not as bad as it sounds) last weekend and we decided to spend a sunny Saturday cruising the route.  We stopped off at D’Aria, Nitida, Hillcrest and De Grendel.

Now, now kiddies, sit up and take note – I’ll only share the necessities:

Nitida and De Grendel = absolutely exceptional wines

Durbanville wine farms = AMAZING sauvignon blancs

Most of the cellars are free and those that do charge only charge about R10.

It’s only about 25 minutes outside of Cape Town, especially if you take the Panorama turn off.

I could ramble on about different wines, farms and restaurants for aaaaaages, but I’ll leave you with a few pics instead and a really strong recommendation to go and while away a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with free wine tasting.


Nitida wine farm

Prettiness at Nitida.

Pig hunt - Nitida

That was me trying to go after a wee ‘lil black pig that was stuffing it’s face under the acorn trees next to the pond. There is another shot of me trying to touch it with a twig, but I chickened out!

Nitida cellar and tasting roomNitida’s cellar and tasting room.

View from De Grendel wine estate

The view from De Grendel’s tasting room.

A very big bottle of wine

These last two are of a very special bottle of vino one of my friends bought. She decided that 3 litres of De Grendel Merlot would not go amiss and cradled it safely to its new home…

Wine and roses

Scores a perfect 10 as a weekend activity!

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  1. January 24, 2011 11:25 AM

    I’ve been to two wine farms in Durbanville, but I will definitely be checking out the ones you’ve mentioned here. Durbanville is very pretty!

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