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Weekend resolutions and a few other things…

January 25, 2011

6 outta 10 on those weekend resolutions – not too shabby, could be better! I’m sad I didn’t get to the movie-watching and napping, was really looking forward to those two. Sigh.  A weekend is just too short!

On the bright side, the one thing I did manage to do is sort out my Twitter profile. Kinda… Still, it means you guys now get to follow along – I promise not to spam you with too many nonsensical or random tweets! Just click on the little birdy top right.

Kirsten Zupan photography

A few things I’m grateful for today

Summer walks in the Company Gardens

For having a pool and evening summer swims

My sister – because she is a) way better than I am with this whole designing thing and b) she makes a killer smoked chicken salad

Making time for myself

That I can exercise again

The photograph above is by a German photographer, Kerstin Zupan. I came across her looking for pics of this same mural (or image, at least). I walked past with a friend the other day and remarked how cool I think it is.  Anyway, turns out she does some fantastic photography – check out her work here. You can see the real deal in Cape Town, next to the Company Gardens on Queen Victoria Street.

Hope I catch you guys on Twitter!

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  1. January 26, 2011 8:19 AM

    OMW! I took a picture of the exact same spot!

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