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I have a thing for second hand bookshops

February 12, 2011

It all started when I realised that I can’t afford to rack up library fines the way I do.  Markets and brunches and hair appointments always seemed to get in the way of my Saturday morning library visit – which was fine, because I always took out 8 books anyway and would have enough reading material for a good three weeks anyway. It did, however, mean that I was always paying a week or two’s worth of fines on 8 books. Let me tell ya’, that don’t come cheap.

Whenever I travel I go to a second hand bookshop and buy some books to take with me.  That way, if my backpack gets too heavy I can offload whilst travelling.  Most backpackers have a book exchange shelf where you can leave your book and take another, but I also find that I always run into someone who’s willing to book swop with me.  And if I have used books I never feel bad that I’ve wasted money and discarded a brand new book.  Plus I’m pretty sure I could find an environmentally friendly angle on this system…


Anyway, after I realised how much I was spending on library fines I decided to start making use of my local second hand bookshop instead.  The Book Exchange is packed with books from floor to ceiling, and run by the nicest little old lady. It’s really cool, they have a lot of regular customers who pretty much use them like a library.  And often they get the latest best sellers in a lot quicker than the library does.

So you’ve probably guessed but the two books in the pic were this morning’s finds. I’m starting on Every Second Counts; apparently it’s about the race between Chris Barnard and Adrian Kantrowitz to become the first surgeon to successfully complete a human heart transplant.

I’m thinking a very, very chilled, lazy Sunday reading my book is in order…

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  1. February 17, 2011 2:48 PM

    I L O V E Second hand bookshops too- Love old covers- One day I want a wall full of framed old covers!

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