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Sunday lovings

February 20, 2011

As part of the whole RSL thing I’m sitting down once a week to jot down things I love.  This was definitely a week for smiling, so I thought I’d share some things I’m loving right now:


– The excitement of starting a new job – including mentally budgeting my new pay cheque…

– Pole dancing! (I went to a bachelorettes on Friday and we had a pole dancing lesson. Sooo much fun! I highly recommend it! And no, I’m not weirdo on crack.)

– My mom leaving a packet of little hot pink meringues on my dresser to congratulate me on my new job.  (Awwww moment!)

– Having a friend down to visit from Bloemfontein. We’ve had such a fun girls’ weekend: Lunching and going to the beach, having sushi, catching up over a few bottles of wine, shopping…

– My denim dress.  (I’ll post some pics! It’s special.)

– Checking my blog stats for this week!

– Getting my the first copy of my Women’s Health subscription in the post on Friday.


– Listening to Florence and the Machine whilst driving on the N1.

– Bright coloured nail polish.

– Deciding on a new hair colour I want to try…

– How proud my friends are of me nailing down my new job!  So many toasts, I feel all gooey inside.

– My dog following me around like a shadow all weekend.  Unconditional love rocks.

– Finally getting a parking fine I received a year ago reduced.

– Sunday afternoon naps.

About the pics: I was backing up my laptop when I came across these I took on a trip to Lapland.  The first photo was taken in Stockholm and the second one in Tjisfjord in Norwegian Lapland.  I can never look at photos of my travels (it depresses me), but I think I might do a post of some of my travel pics at some point.

Anyway, tell me about the things you’re loving in a comment below or link to your own “things I love” post – it’ll be a pleasant way to start off my Monday!

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  1. February 21, 2011 3:14 PM

    I love checking blog stats too! Tee hee!

    …and congrats on your new job!

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