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How to deal with an iffy day

March 7, 2011
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Starting off the week with a bang – it’s been a roller coaster of a morning. If you follow my tweets you’ll know I’ve gone from frustrated to top-of-the-world to tears in 0-3 seconds; this cycle has repeated itself throughout the morning.

The proverbial shit does happen, but hey, at least it hasn’t been all bad. Actually super proud of myself but, sadly, can’t tell you about that.  I’m such an info-tease.



Anyhoo, seeing as I’m too exhausted from riding the emotional roller coaster, confronting demons and dealing with office politics (what an adventurous life I do lead), it seems my planned postage just won’t work out today.  So instead, I’m going to share the wisdom I’ve gained from my experiences with “iffy”* days:

*Iffy day = A day that’s not quite a good one, but doesn’t rate a 10 on the disaster scale either. Also spelt “if-ey” or “iffey”.

1)  Read Tiny Buddha, FeelGooder or White Hot Truth.  They might make you feel better, but if not it at least gives you something to do besides working.  Alternatively, FMLworks just as well. Because other people have it worse than you do.

2)  Drink lots and lots and lots of tea. This goes for any given day.

3)  Make lists of all the fun things you’ll be doing as soon as this day (or week) ends.

4)  Smile at a hot boy.  Admittedly these are sometimes hard to find – hunt one down.  (This could probably blow up in your face but then at least you’ll have something else to worry about and whatever you’re worrying about now probably won’t seem so bad.)

5)  Bitch and moan to your blog readers.  Again, this could yield questionable results… Whoops.

And in another random topic-hopping turnaround: I’m apologising in advance!  I’m taking my parents to a Stef Bos show tonight to celebrate their birthdays of the past weekend so there will probably be some Afrikaner-ish things going on here tomorrow, which I might be too lazy to translate.  Actually, add this one to the list:

6)  Go and watch a show by a friggin’ amazing artist – bound to end your iffy-day off better than it started!

Right, so who’ll be adding numbers  7 – 10?

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  1. March 7, 2011 4:02 PM

    7. Gobble up chocolate-kept-in-snack-drawer-for-iffy-days.

    8. Go for a drive around the block and sing a cheesy song loudly in the car.

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