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First time awkwards and awesomes

March 10, 2011

Time to introduce you to another of my girl crushes… *blush*

Sydney runs the cutest, funniest style/lifestyle blog, The Daybook.  Every Thursday she lists her awkward and awesome moments and they crack. me. up. every time.

Sydney - The Daybook

The lady herself…

This week I’m participating (along with probably at least half of the blogosphere).  Enjoy!


– When other people stuck in traffic spot me talking to myself in the car.  Pretend you’re singing along to the radio, quick, quick!

– Realising that I’ve rocked up to the Woolies sale a day early. And no, you’re not allowed behind the red tape, even if you do just want to see what’s going on sale and don’t actually plan on buying anything.

– Shop assistants skeefing you when you can’t decide which handbag to buy and visit the same three stores five times each (in the space of an hour), only to try on the same handbag you were looking at ten minutes ago for the umpteenth time. No I don’t have Alzheimer’s and yes I will – eventually – buy something from your store!


– Making people squirm by making eye contact with them as they walk past in a shopping mall.  Amazing, the things I amuse myself with when left to my own devices in coffee shops…

– The fitness consultants at gym taking turns to keep me company when I’m slugging away 20 minutes on the stepper. If it weren’t for them I’d give up after 2!

– Having after-work cocktails with a friend at Beluga for just 45 minutes – just enough time to let off steam and bitch about our days before moving on to fabulous evenings.

– One of my friends (he’s been in Durban for a while) being so excited to see me that he makes the cupcake recipe I recommended, saves me one and invites me over for an after-work cupcake to catch up on the latest goss.  Aw…  He doesn’t know this yet, but I’ll also be raiding his music and movie collections!

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