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Juliet’s mother wore bitch-heels.

March 15, 2011

My old flatmate is visiting from Zim and it’s awesome having her here! We met up for dinner last night at Diva’s (remember when they were still in Obs? It’s just not the same in town!) before revisiting another chapter from our student days: Plays on Hiddingh (the UCT drama campus).

Diva's Restaurant
Romeo and Juliet is the choice at the moment, directed by Geoff Hyland. He directed a production of Dangerous Liaisons had both of us gobsmacked in second (third?) year, so going to Romeo and Juliet was a no-brainer.

Wasn’t completely sold on Juliet, and Romeo was a bit slimy. (But then Romeo’s character is a bit of a sap if you believe old William anyway.)

Romeo and Juliet scene

Romeo and Juliet scene 2

Romeo and Juliet - The tomb

Romeo and Juliet - Death scene

Ew, that last one was super blurry but I needed to get a shot of the death scene and it was over before I could get a decent one! The real tragedy, though, is that I couldn’t get one of Lady Capulet’s shoes. She wore a long dress and whenever that baby flapped up there were a killer pair of bitch-heels underneath!

The show runs until April 9th. More info the Little Theatre  line-up here.

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