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A break a day

March 18, 2011

Workin’ life gets a lil’ monotonous sometimes (I’m hearing a few “yeaaaah”s and “totally”s).  I needed a change of pace this week, so to break the monotony I decided to go out during my lunch break every day this week, snap a picture and post them all today.

The whole thing works in theory, except that I came in once to find my battery was flat, and once to find I’d forgotten my camera at home.  Not one to let details get in the way, I’m posting the ones I did manage to get anyway!

Random doctor's parking sign

Do we think this is a real doctor?

Red Vespa scooter

Saw these two red scooters standing opposite each other as I was walking down the street. Different generations of the same thing.

Old red scooter

You can see the newer Vespa in the background.

Wandel Street with Lion's Head in the background

Thought this was appropriate as I was “wandel”-ing anyway.

Fig tree

And on that note – happy Friday all! Sooo glad it’s (very nearly) weekend. I’m off to a braai in Rawsonville tonight; have a friend who lives out there on the most amazingly beautiful vineyard, Loraine. Hoping to get there before sunset, enjoy the view, then drink copious amounts of wine and talk shit. Yes.

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