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Things I love and heart

March 22, 2011

– My new camera – oh yeah, post coming!

– Watching my friends get married

– Feeling like a super-human for getting out of bed and going to gym during a thunder storm


Silliness via.

– Hanging out with my sister for most of Sunday, which includes Simply Asia take-out and wine

– Going out to Rawsonville for a braai in the vineyards with new friends (i.e. spending the evening under the stars and full moon when the moon was closest it’s been to the earth in 22 years).

– Having an extra day of weekend!

– Long distance phone calls with friends. Always good to hear the voice on the other end!

– Replacing my shoes with the wholes in their soles (hehe!) JUST in time for the rainy weather! And now I have dry feet today.

– Also: new warm, fuzzy, comfy slippers. Clearly a lot of foot-love going on.

Thing I don’t love quite so much

– Having an extra day of weekend! It’s made me feel sooo lazy today, and all the extra festivities pack a punch on the waistline…

– Having almost two more weeks at my current job – I really, really want to start the new one now!

– Vampire Diaries. I thought it might grow on me but it’s just not working. And I’m a TV slut who will usually watch absolutely everything.

I had plenty ‘a postin’ planned over the long weekend but evidently that didn’t go according to plan! Which means I now have a gazillion things I want to post and (time-permitting) might be posting a bit more than usual this week. I’ll try to space them out a bit though!

Happy Tuesday peeps! Feel free to post your loves-and-hearts and not-quite-so-muches below 🙂

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