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Things I love (and the Awkward!)

April 7, 2011

Universal wrapping paper - With love

This wrapping paper

– My new job!

– My new house! (It’s a temporary abode only, but still.)

– The Monday half-price pizza special at Rafikis (which is now conveniently located pretty much on my doorstep). Best. Deal. EVER.

– Wembley Virgin Active – the consultants are like, best friends y’all. Jokes. But seriously; Candace, Cassie and Ayanda make those 20mins on the stepper that much easier!

– Making the most of the last days of summer! Went to the last Kirstenbosch Summer Concert (aKing – they rocked the socks off me) and had a dinner-in-the garden at the house my Rockstar friend is housesitting. It’s bee-yoo-tiful… Sigh.

– Looking forward to a holiday! Only 16 more days!  Details will be disclosed in due course. Ahem.

– Learning Spanish. I never have time to practice so I pretty much suck, but it’s still fun.

– Getting the table with the swings at Bombay Bicycle.

– Being able to pop home for a cup of tea after work before going out for the evening. No more N1 traffic for me folks.

– Sunday morning breakfast and a walk on the promenade with my sister.

– Having ordered my perfume! I became addicted to Abercrombie‘s no. 8 during my stint in New York and so, for the past few years, I’ve been badgering anyone who goes there to get me another bottle. I should get it in June… Call it premature excitement.

Awkward moment of the week

Forgetting to pack my make-up bag to gym this morning, meaning having to walk around without mascara the entire day. My eye lashes are blonde and when I don’t wear mascara a a) look like I’ve been crying and b) you struggle to find my eyes on my face, they look so tiny and pale.  This, of course, would be the moment for:

Colleague: Come on, we need you to come and do a cameo in a company video!

Me: … … Fuck Murphy and his law…

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  1. April 8, 2011 9:31 AM

    hahah your no mascara story made me laugh. sorry friend, i know how traumatic that can be.

    i like your list of things i like, very cool, makes me want to make one too.


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