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So I’ve been thinking.

April 21, 2011

You may have noticed that the posts are slowly fading out over here. After starting my new job things have been a bit hectic. This here enforced sabbatical has been much needed and it pushed what’s been on the back of my mind to the fore: What do I really want from my blog?

Relax people - I think we'll be okay (Roadsign)


When I started it was just a practice run, and I’ve really enjoyed it, but I need to start focusing this thing a bit more and I’m FINALLYgetting a clearer picture of what it is that I want. I’m going to the bushveld (oooh!) for a week – I leave in a few days – and while I’m there I’m planning on straightening myself out on the blogging front. This will be done without any internet access or phone signal. I might call it:

The Irony of Silence

Nice ring to it, eh? I’ll keep you posted on the results.  (Haha – posted, get it? … Indulge my inner-dork.)

What I’ve been doing while neglecting you:

– Cooking dinner for friends.

– The Knead breakfast special: Between 7-8am every morning you can grab brekkie for R15 at Knead (Wembley Square). The brioche french toast is worth the early morning!

– Saturday afternoon shopping trips. I went with a friend I’d never gone shopping with before and it was a good giggle.

– Celebrating my sister’s 21st with a Mexican feast!

– Celebrating the end of my friends’ exams. At a dodgy bar. And then again over a not-so-dodgy dinner. (They’re med-students so it’s a big deal, double celebrations were in order.)

– Learning Spanish.

– Taco night!

– Getting to know my new colleagues over some beverages…

– Getting used to doing my own laundry again for the first time in nearly 2 years. Who, me? Spoilt?

– Not going to gym enough! Blogging wasn’t the only thing that suffered…

And generally settling into new routines and work-vibes. (It’s going really well!)

To wrap up: IT’S CHOCOLATE SEASON. Get involved.

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